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DajiMed leukocyte reduction filters for Red Blood Cell are applicable for blood bank, lab., bedside or in-line use in a wide variety of different configurations. Please kindly contact with the sales representative in your region for details. 


Computer generated filter housing with optimal characteristics

Melt-blown non-woven polyester fiber with better biocompatibility

Unique non ionic coating solution surface modification with better leuko-adsorption

Accurate mesh size for WBCs capture and RBCs pass

Easy handling

No priming requirement

Integrated filter, open-to-use

Automatic filter emptying by gravity

Fast filtration: average ≤ 18 mins

High filtration performance

Filtration efficiency: 

-consistently averaging less than 0.1×106 residual leukocytes

-consistently averaging less than 106 residual leukocytes(optional)

RBC recovery rate: average 90%

Hemolysis rate: ≤ 0.8%

Low housing hold-up volume: average 30ml

100% microaggregates removal

Better blood biocompatibility

Well sterilized by gamma rays or EO

Stable performance for filtration

Qualified leukocyte reduction and microaggregates removal

Latex free

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