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Leukocyte reduction technology

Jun. 11, 2024

Leukocyte reduction technology is widely and rapidly adopted in blood transfusion therapy to improve  blood filtration quality and ultimately contribute to better lives. With up to 99.9999% WBCs removal(Residual <10^5), fresh/stored blood filtration etc., DaJiMed is dedicating to supplying full range of filters as following to cater for your various needs:

✔ Bedside type for  Whole Blood(WB)/ Red Blood Cell(RBC)/ Platelet(PL)

✔ Blood bank/Lab. type for WB/ RBC/ PL

✔ Octopus platele pooling set

✔ In line filters integrated with Blood Bags for WB/RBC/RCPL (Red Blood Cell and  Platelet Rich Plasma)

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