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World Blood Donor Day

Jun. 14, 2023

World Blood Donor Day -Give blood, give plasma, share life, share often.


On 14 June 2023, World Blood Donor Day will again be celebrated throughout the world.


The objectives are to:

lcelebrate and thank individuals who donate blood and encourage more people to become new donors;

lencourage people in good health to donate blood regularly, as often as is safe and possible, to transform the quality of life for transfusion dependent patients and help to build a secure blood supply in all countries in the world;  

lhighlight the critical roles of voluntary non-remunerated regular blood and plasma donations in achieving universal access to safe blood products for all populations;

land mobilize support at national, regional and global levels among governments and development partners to invest in, strengthen and sustain national blood programmes.


DaJiMed takes pride in having a blood service that provides patients with access to safe blood and blood products through our selfless volunteers each year.


World Blood Donor Day

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