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Medical Interpretation Of Blood Filtration Treatment

Mar. 26, 2019

Blood filtration is through Blood Transfusion Filter or the patient's own blood pressure, so that the blood flow through the external loop of a filter, in the role of filtration pressure filter out a lot of liquid and solute, namely ultrafiltrate; At the same time, the electrolyte solution similar to the plasma liquid composition, namely replacement solution, is added to achieve the goal of blood purification. It is suitable for acute and chronic renal failure, but is superior to hemodialysis in the following cases.

1. Heart failure caused by high blood volume often aggravates heart failure during hemodialysis, which is classified as a hemodialysis contraindication, while blood filtration can treat heart failure. Because:

(1) blood filtration can quickly remove too much water, reduce the preload of the heart;

(2) do not need to use acetate dialysate, thus avoiding the resulting vascular dilatation and inhibition of myocardial contractility;

(3) in the process of blood filtration dehydration, although the blood volume decreased, but the peripheral blood tube resistance increased, so the cardiac output decreased, reducing the cardiac load;

(4) blood filter plasma solute concentration change is small, plasma osmotic pressure is basically unchanged, remove a lot of water, plasma protein concentration is relatively high, is conducive to the surrounding tissue water into the blood vessels, thereby reducing edema.

                                                  Blood Transfusion Filter

2.Refractory hypertension patients with hemodialysis treatment of refractory hypertension can be up to 50% (high renin type), and blood filtration treatment, can be reduced to 1%, some can stop using antihypertensive drugs. The causes of blood pressure drop may be other than the effective removal of excess water and sodium. Someone has repeatedly to determine the plasma angiotensin Ⅱ and filtrate, found that the concentration of both close, suggests that some of the pressurized material in the filter can remove blood plasma. On the other hand, during blood filtration, both the cardiovascular system and extracellular fluid volume were relatively stable, significantly reducing the stimulation to the renin-angiotensin system.

2. The cardiovascular stability of patients with hypotension and severe water and sodium retention receiving hemofiltration therapy is significantly better than that of hemodialysis.

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