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The Autocoagulant Dialyzer Purifies The Blood

Apr. 17, 2019

The Autocoagulant Dialyzer Purifies The Blood

Filter Set Fir The Bed Side Supplier shares that the liver and kidneys are known as the body's two biggest waste treatment plants, responsible for removing toxins or foreign substances produced by the body's operations. Uremia occurs when the kidneys become diseased and unable to expel toxins from the body.

Self - coagulation dialyzer and membrane surface anti - platelet adsorption

Dialyzer, also known as "artificial kidney", is the core component to help patients with kidney disease complete hemodialysis. Coagulation during dialysis has long been a problem for patients and doctors: severe coagulation occurs when heparin is not injected during dialysis, and the injection of heparin increases the risk of bleeding.

                                                        Filter Set Fir The Bed Side

Liu fu's team, a researcher at the ningbo institute of material technology and engineering, Chinese academy of sciences, has made a series of progress in the research of self-anticoagulant dialyzer. The related paper Preparation and evaluation of a self-anticlotting dialyzer via an interface crosslinking approach was published in the Journal of Membrane Science, an international authoritative Journal in the field of Membrane Science.

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