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Does it matter the leucocyte of newborn is high?

Aug. 26, 2019

Does it matter the leucocyte of newborn is high?

Leukocyte reduction filter manufacturer shares that there are many reasons why white blood cells are high. For newborns, there are more white blood cells in this province than in adults. Still have the reason that is body element, leukocyte is many also may be the body appears inflammation, have a fever. Respiratory tract infection can cause leukocytosis. So leukocytosis for newborns must be paid attention to. When all the symptoms are cured, the number of white blood cells in the newborn will reach a stable value. So you have to pay attention to the number of white blood cells. Adjust to achieve positive output value.


White blood cells, also known as white blood cells. It's an essential cell in our bodies. These cells are inherently resistant. This kind of cell is to do battle with bacteria and so on, once the presence of bacteria in the body, the body's white blood cells will also increase to fight, thus playing a protective role. So this is an important reason for leukocytosis

White blood cells are very important to our body and have a stable normal value. But because white blood cells have different normal values at different ages and relatively few adults, there are more newborns and babies than adults. Normal values are also higher. But the white blood cells are high and low. We all have some inflammation in our bodies. The increase may be pneumonia and so on, reduced may be respiratory tract infection.

Leukocyte reduction filter manufacturer

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3 for children, especially newborns and infants. We need to pay more attention to the changes in his body, if it is much higher than normal. There must be inflammation in the child's body. If we can't find the reason, we should go to the hospital and see the doctor in time. To prevent the root of any disease.


The increase and decrease of white blood cells can cause some physical factors. But there are also biological factors, as well as external influences. So we should pay more attention to, in the diet to eat less frequent meals, more to eat some protein higher food. Also drink plenty of water and take plenty of multivitamins. If it's a newborn you have to pay more attention. Remember not to eat raw, cold, spicy food. Be sure to see a doctor if it is serious.

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