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When Is Blood Transfusion Needed?

Nov. 13, 2018

Blood transfusion is an indispensable and important measure for patients undergoing major surgery. Because during the operation, the separation of tissues and organs of various lesions will inevitably lose some blood. Blood must be replenished in time to ensure the success of the operation. In addition, blood transfusion also has the role of excitement, stimulation and detoxification. Various trauma, shock caused by burns, and some patients with serious medical diseases also require blood transfusion.

The main therapeutic effects of blood transfusion are: 1 supplement blood volume to increase blood pressure, as a measure against shock and prevent hemorrhagic shock; 2 supply red blood cells with oxygen capacity, correct red blood cell reduction or hypoxia change caused by decreased oxygen capacity; 3 supplement various clotting factors to correct the obstacles of blood coagulation. Therefore, blood transfusion is generally required in the following situations:

(1) Acute blood loss, when shocked.

(2) severe anemia, such as aplastic anemia, leukemia.

(3) Hematological diseases such as severe infection, pre-operative preparation, hemophilia and other blood coagulation disorders, as well as poisoning of chemicals such as carbon monoxide, benzene and phenol.

It must be pointed out that improper blood transfusion is as dangerous as using highly toxic drugs. It must be strictly controlled in practical applications. Some people regard blood as a "tonic" and often give blood transfusion treatment to patients who are weak and lack of energy. In fact, this is very wrong. Inappropriate blood transfusion can cause various fevers, allergies and hemolysis reactions, or increase the burden on the heart. From blood transfusions, blood, malaria and other diseases can be transmitted, causing serious consequences for patients. In addition, even in the various patients who need blood transfusion, it is not always necessary to use whole blood. Different components can be used according to the specific conditions: such as anemia patients with concentrated red blood cells; to prevent neutropenia caused by Severe infection and loss of granulocytes; patients with severe hemorrhage due to thrombocytopenia use concentrated platelets; hemophilia patients lose factors such as factor VIII concentration agents. That is to achieve the purpose of treatment, but also greatly reduce the side effects of losing whole blood, but also save the blood source, is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of blood.

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