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Blood Transfusion Can Also Be Dangerous

Dec. 11, 2018

Blood has been praised by medical scientists as the source of life and a symbol of vitality. But today, blood transfusion technology is like a double-sided sword, which has saved thousands of lives and threatened human health.

Viral hepatitis All hepatitis caused by blood transfusion is collectively referred to as post-transfusion hepatitis (PTH). This is a common transfusion-transmitting disease with an incidence of 2.4%-27.6%, which is often positively correlated with the amount of blood transfusion and the number of blood transfusions. Common hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus.

AIDS Blood transfusion is one of the three major ways to spread HIV. AIDS caused by blood transfusions in the United States accounted for 1.7% of the total number of cases. Any component of the blood can transmit HIV like whole blood, and its harmfulness is positively correlated with the amount of blood transfusion and the number of blood transfusions.

The positive rate of cytomegalovirus cytomegalovirus in human serum is 40%-100%. Cytomegalovirus infection poses a significant threat to immunodeficiency, pregnant women and organ transplant recipients. Pregnant women infected with this disease, the fetus is prone to malformation or even death; bone marrow transplant patients can be infected with blood transfusion, the mortality rate is extremely high, pneumonia is the most common complication. Therefore, cytomegalovirus-negative blood should be screened for transfusion of these special patients. In addition, blood transfusion can also spread malaria parasites and filariasis.

Therefore, improve the awareness of blood protection among medical staff and the whole people, change the old concept of blood transfusion, prevent the loss of "human blood", "insurance blood" and treat blood as a "tonic", let people know that blood transfusion is a "double-edged sword". An interventional treatment that is not very safe.

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