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What are the precautions for blood filtration?

Aug. 22, 2019

What are the precautions for blood filtration? Shared by Leukodepletion Blood Filter Manufacturer.

Notes for blood filtration:

1. During the treatment, the machine operation, changes in arterial pressure, venous pressure, transmembrane pressure and blood flow will be closely monitored to ensure the balance of body fluids and electrolytes during the treatment, and timely treatment of abnormalities, so as to ensure accurate replacement volume.

2. Closely observe patients' vital signs and strengthen communication with patients. Because of the rapid rate of ultrafiltration and fluid replenishment, imbalance of replacement volume can occur during treatment, leading to hypotension or increased cardiac load. Observe whether patients have nausea, vomiting, sweating and other symptoms.

3. At the end of treatment, the patient should first confirm that there is no discomfort such as dizziness and cold sweat after returning to the blood, and determine the physiological salt amount of returning to the blood according to the blood pressure. Ask a patient to lie down for a while after returning blood, lest produce erect sex hypotension.

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Complications of blood filtration:

1. Pyrogenic reaction and sepsis: the preventive measures include: (1) regular detection of bacteria and endotoxin in reverse osmosis, dialysis solution and replacement solution; (2) regularly replace the endotoxin filter; (3) replacement solution preparation process aseptic operation; (4) before use must strictly check the replacement fluid, blood filter and pipeline packaging and effective use date, check the replacement fluid color and transparency; (5) fever, should be done at the same time blood and replacement solution bacterial culture and replacement solution endotoxin detection; 6. Antibiotic therapy when necessary.

2. Depletion syndrome: it occurs in patients receiving long-term hemofiltration treatment. As hemofiltration can filter out substances with large molecules, a large number of amino acids and protein components are lost, so it is recommended to increase the intake of protein in the diet.

3. Long-term complications: chronic poisoning of trace elements, attention should be paid to the content of various elements in the replacement solution, especially trace elements should be controlled within the permitted range.

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