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Do You Know The Principle Of Blood Transfusion?

Oct. 27, 2018

Blood transfusion should master the principle of blood transfusion, strictly control the scope of adaptation of transfusion therapy, be able to treat without blood transfusion, resolutely do not transfuse blood, be able to lose blood, and resolutely not lose. Here are the principles for the Leukocyte Reduction Filter Manufacturer to give you a blood transfusion.

Blood transfusion is based on the principle of losing the same type of blood. For example, under normal circumstances, type A people lose type A blood, and type B blood loses type B blood.

In an emergency, people with AB blood type may have more blood sources than other blood types if they need blood transfusion. But the AB blood type is not a universal recipient. Although the serum of AB blood type does not contain anti-A anti-B antibody, its red blood cells contain A.B. antigen. If you use other blood type blood, it is easy to cause a transfusion reaction. Therefore, the AB blood type cannot accept blood from other blood types.

O-type blood is not a universal blood, the old idea that O-type blood is universal blood should be abandoned. Because there are no A and B antigens on O-type red blood cells, O-type red blood cells can be infused to patients with type A, B, and AB when the primary side matches. However, the plasma of type O blood contains anti-A-agglutinin and anti-B-agglutinin. If the red blood cell preparation containing O-type plasma is introduced into the body of patients with type A, B, and AB, it will cause different degrees of immunological hemolytic blood transfusion. Adverse reactions. At present, the general hospital blood transfusions are the same type of blood.

If the blood transfusion between the heterosexual type is too fast, the incoming lectin is too late to be diluted, which may cause red blood cell agglutination. Therefore, the blood transfusion should be based on the principle of inputting the same type of blood. Blood transfusions between heterosexual types are only allowed in emergency situations.

Under normal circumstances, in view of the large variety of human blood type systems, in order to be prudent, even if blood transfusion is performed between people with the same ABO blood type, cross-matching experiments should be performed first, that is, not only the red blood cells of the donors The serum of the blood is subjected to a blood type matching experiment, and the blood cells of the recipient are also subjected to a blood type matching experiment. Only when the two blood types are combined, there is no agglutination reaction, and the blood is matched, and blood transfusion can be performed.

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