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Preparation for blood filtration

Aug. 17, 2019

Preparation for blood filtration shared by Whole blood filter Manufacturer.

Preparation for blood filtration:

1. Get to know the patient's condition, whether the patient has hypertension, hypotension, bleeding tendency or other common problems in routine dialysis, and take preventive measures.

2. Explain the purpose, method, advantages and matters needing attention of hemofiltration treatment to family members and patients before hemofiltration, and obtain understanding and cooperation.

3. Preparation of articles: blood filter, blood filtration pipeline, safety catheter (fluid filling pipeline), iodine volt, cotton swab and other disinfection articles;

Puncture needle, sterile treatment towel, tourniquet, disposable glove, syringe, medical tape, sterile transparent dressing, normal saline, dialysate, etc.

4. Check the circuit connection of dialyzer and start up self-check. Check the hemofiltration device and hemofiltration pipeline, and install the safety catheter according to the direction of blood circulation.

5. Hermetically sealed preflush: a hemofiltration device is mounted upward at the venous end and the outlet is placed above the filter. The blood pump was started at 80 ~ 100ml/min, and the direction of normal saline flushing was arterial end → dialyzer → venous end, and no reverse flushing was allowed. The machine is pre-rinsed online, and the replacement liquid generated online by the machine is applied through the replacement liquid connection pipe and sealed rinsed according to the direction of blood flow in extracorporeal circulation. Establish extracorporeal circulation, with hemodialysis, set up parameters reasonably, and prepare to start treatment.

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Methods of blood filtration:

1. Establish arteriovenous channels for anticoagulation.

2. The arteriovenous ends of the patients were connected with the arteriovenous pipes of the blood filter, respectively. Blood was introduced into the filter for continuous filtration by relying on blood pressure and hemodynamics generated by blood pump, and the blood flow rate was 200-300ml /min.

3. At the same time, replacement fluid should be supplemented. The amount of replacement fluid input is determined by the balance of liquid input and output. Replacement fluid supplementation (ml/h)= simultaneous ultrafiltration - fluid supplementation + fluid loss by other channels (drainage fluid, skin evaporation, respiration, etc.).

4. Anticoagulation technology: in order to ensure the effective solute clearance rate and the service life of the filter, anticoagulation should be performed in the process of hemofiltration. Currently, there are a variety of anticoagulants available, among which heparin is the most commonly used.

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