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Why Filter White Blood Cells Before Transfusion To Patients?

Sep. 10, 2018

Why is it now clinically advisable to infuse patients with blood after filtering white blood cells? What is the principle of this, and what effect does the input of white blood cells have on patients? Let Leukocyte Reduction Filter Manufacturer come to the friends for science:

Among the various components of blood, white blood cells contain the most viruses and bacteria, and are the carriers of some bacteria and viruses.

2 It can cause non-hemolytic febrile reactions, ineffective platelet transfusion, transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease, cytomegalovirus and HIV infection.

3 The frequent fever reactions that occur frequently in patients with multiple blood transfusions are caused by white blood cells.

4 The white blood cell content is directly proportional to the transfusion reaction, and the number of white blood cells removed is also positively correlated with the prevention of transfusion reaction.

5 White blood cells in blood products during blood transfusion can promote the recurrence of tumor patients, and will reduce the survival rate of patients.

Therefore, blood transfusion should be done first by using a White Blood Cell Filter to remove white blood cells.

White Blood Cell Filter

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