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How can pollution be reduced in cell culture experiments?

Aug. 12, 2019

How can pollution be reduced in cell culture experiments? Shared by Whole blood filter Manufacturer.

● many experimenters do not bother to wash their hands. They go to the experiment as soon as the alcohol is sprayed. This is extremely wrong. Personal experience: you can wash your hands better than spray alcohol. The best thing is to wash your hands very carefully, up to your wrists and under your fingernails. Washing twice is a good choice. Then spray alcohol on your hand.

● some people wear half sleeve white coat to do experiments, white coat cuff to long, the best is the kind of tight cuff, if not, the cuff socket to the arm. The exposed wrist must also be sprayed with alcohol. Keep your hands away from the outside of the table after wearing gloves. Spray alcohol if necessary. Prefer gloves with more alcohol.

● take the culture bottle and culture liquid please take, do not take the bottleneck.

Whole blood filter Manufacturer

Whole Blood Filter Manufacturer

● at the beginning of each day's experiment, it is a good choice to take 20 minutes of ultraviolet light in the ultra-clean table/experiment room.

● one thing to note is that the ultra-clean table inside things must be put as little as possible. The more you put in, the easier it is to pollute.

● try to avoid talking during operation, especially cell room is strictly prohibited to play and laugh.

● observe the state of cells every day. Don't always think of save. Some contamination, such as mycoplasma, is not visible under microscopic examination, but the growth of the cells is abnormal. So if the cell growth is abnormal, throw it away, and check your culture and incubator for contamination due to airborne transmission of mycoplasma.

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