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Something About The Blood Purification

Mar. 22, 2019

Blood purification is also called dialysis in daily life.


The blood of the patient is drawn out of the body and through a blood purification device, (such as Whole Blood Unit Filters )remove some of the pathogenic substances (toxins), to achieve the goal of purifying blood, treatment of disease, this process is blood purification.


Hemodialysis (HD), blood perfusion (HP), plasma exchange, etc., and continuous blood purification (CBP), blood lipid, artificial liver support system (ALSS) is by a combination of the above a variety of technical application, peritoneal dialysis, though without extracorporeal circulation, only with ascites exchange to achieve the purpose of purifying blood, but broadly speaking, should also be included within the blood purification therapy.


It USES the principle of semi-permeable membrane to remove all kinds of harmful and excess metabolic wastes and electrolytes out of the body through diffusion and convection, so as to purify blood, and to correct water electrolyte and acid-base balance by suction.


The principle of hemoperfusion is to draw the patient's blood out of the body, contact with solid adsorbents (such as the resin in the HA resin hemoperfusion device), remove some metabolites and exogenous drugs or poisons in the body by adsorption, and then return the purified blood to the patient, so as to achieve the purpose of treating the disease.

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