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Daji Medical always takes quality as our company’s life. With building of the GMP factory, buying of the advanced production equipment and facilities, passing the audit of CE and ISO13485, top products quality has been guaranteed. From the raw material to the finished product, every step of the production is under the strict control.   Continuous quality improvement is our company’s eternal goal.

Innovative leukocytes filtration technology

Warm blood filtration, time saving leads to labor and money saving.

Our filters fit for blood component temperature between 4℃~37 ℃

By using our leukocyte reduction filter, the whole blood filtration can be proceeded immediately when the donation ends. The refrigerated blood doesn’t need to wait the temperature rising either.

Stable consistency

By special modification on the membrane, each filter performance is consistent and shows the stable average filtration efficiency.

High filtration efficiency

Residual WBCs (white blood cells) reaches log4 level for full ranges of products. Log5 level achieved on whole blood and RBCs filters.


Log 4 level means the residual WBCs <1.0x106 for per unit of blood;

Log 5 level means the residual WBCs <1.0x105 for per unit of blood;

Removal of blood condensates and micro-aggregates

Unique technology by intercepting the blood condensates and micro-aggregates brings high RBC recovery rate and satisfied filtration time.

High recovery rate

RBC recovery rate: 85%~91%

Platelet recovery rate: >85%

Low Hemolysis

With the special treatment on the membrane, our filters achieve high blood-friendly performance which leads to low hemolysis.


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