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What is a leukocyte filter?

Aug. 05, 2019

What is a leukocyte filter?

The purpose of the leukocyte reduction filter is to investigate the effect of the leukocyte filter to remove residual tumor cells in the blood after rinsing by the blood recovery machine.


Method of in vitro culture.

The intestinal tumor cells LOVO and the gastric tumor cells SGC are collected, and the blood of the non-tumor patients is collected to form concentrated red blood cells. Counting tumor cells and mixing them.

The concentrated red blood cells were filtered with a leukocyte filter, and the effect of filtration on the tumor cells in the blood sample was observed and compared with the unfiltered control group.

Compared. As a result, no tumor cells were found in the filtered blood samples, and tumor cells were observed in the blood samples of the control group. Observed after 14 days of culture, filtered by leukocytes.

No blood cell growth was observed in the filtered blood samples, while a large number of tumor cells were grown in the control blood samples. Conclusion Application of autologous blood recovery machine with white.

A cell filter buy from leukodepletion blood filter Manufacturer that effectively removes tumor cells from the blood.

leukocyte reduction filter

High efficiency leukocyte reduction filter

The technique of removing white blood cell transfusion by using leukocyte filter has been widely applied abroad. In China, great progress has been made in recent years, and it has been paid attention to by clinical medical personnel. At present, leukocyte filters have become the most effective method for removing white blood cells because of their high efficiency in removing leukocytes, simple operation, reasonable price, and no adverse reactions. They have achieved prevention in the prevention of transfusion adverse reactions and infection of transfusion-associated viruses. Satisfactory effect. However, there are few reports on the use of leukocyte filters to remove tumor cells from the blood.

Product introduction:

Clinical significance of leukocyte depletion

· Prevent allogeneic immune reactions from occurring

· Reduce the incidence of ineffective platelet transfusion

· Prevention of transfusion-associated cytomegalovirus infection

· Prevention of non-solution blood transfusion fever

· Reduce blood transfusion-related thrombocytopenia

· Reduce immune dysfunction caused by blood transfusion

· Reduce organ reperfusion injury

· Delay the occurrence of organ transplant rejection

· Enhance the effectiveness of malignant tumor treatment

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