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Guangzhou Daji Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Jun. 22, 2018

Guangzhou Daji Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech medical products manufacturing company. As a member of Daan Gene Co.,Ltd  of Sun Yat-sen University (Stock code 002030), it is located in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Developing Zone. With the integration of 20 years of experience in medical products R&D and manufacturing, we have established a new modern factory in comply with GMP and an ISO standard quality inspection system. 

We are focusing on the fields of blood transfusion safety and infusion safety, the innovative membrane treatment and modification technology lead us to the forefront of the world. Main products of our company include the disposable leukocyte reduction filter, blood condensates filter and infusion bacterial filter. From raw materials to the final packaging, every production process contains our special technology content. Some properties of the leukocyte reduction filter have surpassed the international advanced level, e.g. log5 level filtration efficiency, warm blood filtration, low hemolysis, high removal of the blood condensates and micro-aggregates. 

As a manufacturing company, we will take the advantages of low production costs and our unique technology to welcome you to be our valued customer. With our high-quality products, competitive price, short lead time and clinical application support, we believe that, together with you, a win-win business relationship will be built! 

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