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Why do blood transfusions use blood filters?

Jul. 03, 2019

Why do blood transfusions use blood transfusion filter?

Disposable leucocyte filter supplier shares that blood transfusion equipment  may be left with incomplete cleaning impurities, once entering the body, will form in the capillary embolism, will seriously affect the capillary microcirculation, which is very dangerous. Capillaries in the human body are small enough to pass through red blood cells, which are seven microns in diameter. The minuteness of the length of this size can be compared with the smallest unit of length in common tape measure: millimeter (mm), that is, the number of red blood cells that can be arrayed by 1 millimeter is 143. If a human hair is 70 to 90 microns in diameter, red blood cells are between one tenth and one thirteenth of the diameter of a human hair. It can be seen that the blood transfusion should be filtered through the mesh, and the through-hole diameter of the mesh should not be more than 7 microns. Such filters are fine, but modern industrial precision filters (such as aircraft hydraulic oil filters with a precision of less than 5 microns) can be 1 to 2 microns (this precision filter is used for precision seals of supercharged centrifugal compressors in chemical plants). Therefore, the precision quality of medical filter is very safe and necessary in manufacturing and using.

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