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Advantages Of Autologous Blood Return

Sep. 25, 2018

Autologous blood transfusion is the recovery, filtration, centrifugation, washing, and returning to the patient after surgery, postoperative hemorrhage or body cavity hemorrhage. Due to the increasing clinical use of blood in recent years, the blood supply is becoming more and more tense, especially the blood supply of rare blood types is difficult, and the cost of allogeneic blood transfusion is increased. In addition, allogeneic blood transfusion may bring about adverse reactions and the spread of infectious diseases, so that allogeneic blood transfusion will no longer be provided. The only way to get blood. Autologous blood transfusion is simple, safe, and effective. It can reduce or avoid allogeneic transfusion reactions and complications, and save blood sources, which has received more and more attention from the medical community. At present, autologous blood transfusion has been widely used in clinical treatment.

The main advantages of autologous blood return:

1, using autologous blood transfusion can avoid blood-borne infections caused by allogeneic blood transfusion, such as hepatitis, cytomegalovirus, AIDS, etc.;

2, can save costs and blood, while reducing blood stocks;

3. Resolve the need for perioperative blood use in patients with rare blood types and immune antibodies;

4, no need to test blood type and cross-matching blood, can solve the urgent need for blood transfusion and blood shortage, that is, save blood, but also reduce the individual's economic burden, while eliminating blood transfusion errors, is conducive to the rescue of emergency, critically ill patients;

5, no red blood cells destroy hemolysis and other phenomena, red blood cells have strong oxygen transport capacity, and avoid a large number of blood transfusions due to the action of sodium citrate, resulting in decreased calcium ion concentration, causing capillary tension to weaken, affecting the contraction of blood vessel walls, intraoperative The autologous blood returned, the red blood cells are fresh, the oxygen carrying function is better than the blood, and does not produce an immune response to blood components;

6, is conducive to eliminating the fear of patients with allogeneic blood, especially suitable for religious people.

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