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The Clinical Significance Of Removing Leukocyte From Blood And Its Preparation

Mar. 19, 2019

The Clinical Significance Of Removing Leukocyte From Blood And Its Preparation

With the continuous improvement of medical technology and level, the range of clinical blood transfusion and component blood transfusion treatment is increasingly large, people pay more attention to blood quality, blood transfusion efficacy and blood transfusion safety.

Blood Transfusion Filters are often used. Because transfusions often cause transfusion reactions, there are mainly: bacterial contamination transfusion reaction (contaminated blood and equipment), hemolytic transfusion reaction (blood type incompatibility) and non-hemolytic transfusion reaction.

Through the use of disposable blood collection, blood transfusion equipment, pollution caused by transfusion reaction has been almost eliminated; Monoclonal technique and strict cross matching were used, and hemolytic transfusion reaction was rare. However, the incidence of non-hemolytic transfusion reactions tends to increase.

Non-hemolytic transfusion reaction is mainly due to the input of the whole blood or blood components of the donor containing white blood cells caused, in addition, the white blood cells in the blood are some viruses and the attachment of pathological substances, clinical cross infection caused by the input of white blood cells also occurs from time to time.

Therefore, the removal of white blood cells in the blood or its components through a Leukoreduction Filter can avoid the side effects caused by the production of HLA antibodies such as non-hemolytic blood transfusion reaction, allogeneic rabies disease reaction and the spread of some viruses. Japan and other countries in 1999.

All clinically available blood and blood components were started for leukocytosis. The United States also requires white blood cell filtration within 48 hours of blood collection.

Blood Transfusion Filters

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