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Measures to prevent the plugging of hematology analyzer(part 1)

Apr. 22, 2019

Measures to prevent the plugging of hematology analyzer(part 1)

The micropores in the counting plate of the blood cell analyzer have a small diameter. If the blood is collected improperly and the equipment is not enzymatic washed or used for a long time contains dirt, etc., the pores are easily blocked, thus affecting the accuracy of the test results. During the more than 4 years of using cd-1400 +Ex hematology analyzer, our department has summarized a series of measures to prevent hematology analyzer from blocking holes, which are introduced by filter set fir the bed side manufacturer as follows.

(1) routine blood tests using venous blood can effectively prevent the formation of tiny blood clots caused by extrusion. Vacuum anticoagulant test tube blood collection is better if conditions permit. However, peripheral blood can be collected from infants, newborns and patients with large area burns.

(2) use disposable test tube, do not reuse.

(3) the analyzer operation room should be kept clean, dust-free and well sealed to reduce dust particles in the air into the blood sample. No entry for non-operators.

(4) the correct use of edta-k2 anticoagulant, the content of which is 1.5 ~ 2mg/ml blood. The anticoagulant can effectively inhibit the aggregation of platelets in the blood.

(5) after the anticoagulant is prepared, it shall be filtered to remove dust particles that may be contained.

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