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[Leucocyte filter supplier]Autologous blood transfusion

Jun. 14, 2019

Autologous blood transfusion

Disposable leucocyte filter suppliers shares that autologous blood transfusion refers to the transfusion of intraoperative and postoperative bleeding or accumulated blood in body cavity to patients after recovery, filtration, centrifugation and washing. Due to increasing clinical use of blood in recent years, blood source is increasingly tight, especially the difficulty of blood supply for rare blood types, the cost of allogeneic blood transfusion increases, and allogeneic blood transfusion may bring adverse reactions and the spread of infectious diseases, so allogeneic blood transfusion is no longer the only way to provide blood source. Autologous blood transfusion has been paid more and more attention by the medical community because it is simple, safe and effective, can reduce or avoid allogeneic blood transfusion reactions and complications, and save blood source. At present, autologous blood transfusion has been widely used in clinical treatment.

Main advantages of autologous blood transfusion:

1. The use of autologous blood transfusion can avoid blood-borne infections caused by allogeneic blood transfusion, such as hepatitis, cytomegalovirus, AIDS, etc.;

2. It can save costs and blood resources, and reduce blood inventory;

Disposable leucocyte filter suppliers

3. To meet the needs of patients with rare blood types and immune antibodies for perioperative blood use;

4. No need to test blood type and cross match blood, can solve the urgent need of blood transfusion and blood shortage of difficulties, that is, to save blood, can reduce personal economic burden, at the same time to eliminate transfusion errors, is conducive to rescue emergency, critical patients;

5. Destruction, no hemolysis phenomenon, such as red blood cells carry oxygen ability, and avoid a great deal of losing library blood calcium ion concentration due to the effect of sodium citrate decrease caused by capillary tension, affect the phenomenon of hemal wall contraction, intraoperative autologous blood lose also, red blood cells, fresh blood carry oxygen more libraries, and does not produce immune response of blood composition;

6. It is helpful to eliminate patients' fear of allogeneic blood transfusion, especially suitable for religious people.

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