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Why should white blood cells be removed during transfusion?

May. 10, 2019

Why should white blood cells be removed during transfusion?

In clinical blood transfusion treatment, it is often found that some patients in the infusion or infusion after the temperature rise, blood transfusion filter supplier shared that after the infusion of virus infection, or the occurrence of ineffective platelet transfusion phenomenon. It's all because of the donor's white blood cells. Although component transfusion obviously improved the efficacy of transfusion, it did not change the essential nature of allogeneic transfusion. In response to these problems with donor leukocyte production, the researchers developed a technique for leukocyte removal.

Leukocyte removal by High efficiency leukocyte reduction filter is an effective method to remove the donor leukocyte in blood preparation on the premise of ensuring the quality of blood preparation.

High efficiency leukocyte reduction filter

So far, there are two main types of leukocyte removal techniques

1. Centrifugation was performed according to the apparent difference in the proportion of various blood components.

2. The volume of white blood cells in the filtration and removal method is larger than that of red blood cells and platelets, and white blood cells have adhesion. Filter and remove them according to these characteristics.

Allogeneic blood transfusion, except for granulocyte transfusion in special cases, is recommended to effectively remove white blood cells from the donor, so as to prevent adverse reactions and transfusions.

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