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[Blood transfusion filter supplier China]Accurate separation of small and medium molecular wastes

May. 14, 2019

[Blood transfusion filter supplier China]Accurate separation of small and medium molecular wastes

Blood transfusion filter supplier China shares that according to the data, there are as many as 120 million patients with chronic kidney disease in China, and the number of patients with end-stage renal disease is 2 million. However, at present, only more than 300,000 people have received dialysis treatment, and the treatment rate is only 15%, far lower than 90% in European and American countries.

There are two main ways to treat uremia: blood purification and kidney transplantation. Due to the acute shortage of kidney, the kidney transplantation rate of Chinese patients with uremia is less than 1%, and the problem of acute shortage of kidney is difficult to solve in a short period of time, so blood purification has become the main means of treatment for uremia.

The High efficiency leukocyte reduction filter as a filter to purify blood, replacing or partially replacing kidney function. Liu fu told China science daily that the dialyzer is made up of more than 10,000 hollow fiber membranes, with an effective filtration area of 1 to 2 square meters, close to the total filtration area of blood vessels in the human kidney. The inner diameter of each hollow fiber membrane is 180-200 microns, and the wall thickness is 30-50 microns. There are nano-micron pores from the inner wall to the outer wall, so as to play a filtering role -- that is, to remove small and medium molecular toxins and excess water in the blood, and to retain the large molecular substances and blood cells in the blood.

Blood transfusion filter supplier China

One of the main functions of the normal working kidney is to excrete small and medium molecular substances such as relative molecular weight urea 60, creatinine 113, uric acid 168, and medium molecular substances such as relative molecular weight inulin 5200, 2-microglobulin 11800, etc. At the same time need to retain the body of macromolecular protein and other beneficial substances.

"It depends on the filtration of the glomeruli in the kidney." "In the dialyzer, small and medium molecules are removed mainly through the regulation of membrane micropore structure, but the current polymer hollow fiber membrane is not efficient in removing these molecules, which is difficult to be compared with the accurate separation of human kidneys," liu said.

To solve this problem, the team controlled the pore diameter of the polymer microporous membrane to 2 ~ 4 nanometers through thermodynamically coupled dynamic gradient regulation technology, so as to achieve accurate separation of small and medium molecules.

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