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[Leukocyte reduction filters supplier]The basic process of banked blood

Jun. 20, 2019

The basic process of banked blood

Blood transfusion procedure for patients:

(1) the on-duty nurse assists the doctor to explain to the patient, completes the "nine items" examination before the blood transfusion;

(2) carry the blood cross application form and labeled test tube to the bedside of the patient to check the contents of "4 items", and collect blood samples of 5-6ml;

(3) send "4 orders" and blood samples to the blood bank for verification and double signature with blood bank personnel;

(4) after the completion of cross matching, the on-duty nurse and blood bank personnel shall check the "nine items" together and receive the blood with double signatures;

(5) during blood transfusion, leukocyte reduction filters supplier shares that different cell components should be filtered according to requirements.two medical personnel shall carry medical records to the bedside of the patient to check the "nine items" before blood transfusion. Adjust the number of drops 10 ~ 15 drops /min, and explain to the patient or family members the matters needing attention for transfusion;

(6) fill in the nursing record form (including: transfusion time, blood type, who to check, etc.) and sign it;

(7) after about 10min observation, the drop number was adjusted according to the condition.

(8) observe the reaction of blood transfusion and the change of condition at any time, report any abnormality to the on-duty doctor and make records;

(9) after the blood transfusion is completed and the on-duty nurse checks again, put the blood bag into the double-layer yellow dirt bag, and fill in the "nursing record form" (including: time of blood transfusion, whether there is blood transfusion reaction, whether the patient is unwell, etc.) and sign the "report form of adverse reactions to blood transfusion";

(10) send the sewage bag stored in blood bag to the blood bank together with the report of adverse reactions to blood transfusion (the night nurse will send the blood bag to the blood bank after work the next day), and check and double sign it;

(11) after the blood bag was sealed in the blood bank for one day, there was no clinical feedback of abnormal blood transfusion, and the blood bag was sent to the incinerator for counting and incineration, and the blood bag was double-signed.

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