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Functional Function Of Leukocyte

Jan. 03, 2019

Leukocytes are phagocytic to foreign bodies, and plasma cells produce antibodies, which play an important role in the healing of the body, the invasion of pathogens and the immunity to disease.

Inflammation or other diseases in the body can cause changes in the total number of white blood cells and the percentage of various white blood cells. Therefore, checking the total number of white blood cells and white blood cell classification counts is an important method for assisting diagnosis.

White blood cells are a large family of blood cells. Their morphological and physiological functions are diverse. However, they are not isolated from each other and play a synergistic role in the protection, immunity and trauma treatment of the body. Although they are a type of cellular component in the blood, their function is more manifested in organ tissues outside the circulation duct. In terms of function, they are closely related to many cellular components in these organ tissues such as macrophages, mast cells, fibroblasts and the like.

White blood cells are an important part of the body's defense system. It defends against and destroys invading pathogenic microorganisms by phagocytosis and antibody production.

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