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Leukocyte Removal Filters Play An Important Role

Jan. 08, 2019

In the course of blood transfusion, some patients with a history of repeated blood transfusion or pregnancy will have severe non-hemolytic fever reaction when they are re-transfused. Studies have confirmed that most patients produce leukocyte antibodies due to blood or pregnancy. Most of these antibodies belong to homologous antibodies of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system. When the whole blood or other blood components containing white blood cells are re-injected, there may be an immune febrile transfusion reaction.

Modern medicine believes that white blood cells are "pollutants" in the blood and advocates their removal. This is a powerful measure to further ensure clinical safe blood transfusion. A new erythrocyte product with few white blood cells was developed by using a Leukocyte Removal Filter to remove white blood cells from red blood cells. Through filtration, the removal rate of white blood cells is more than 99.9%. Through the removal of white blood cells in red blood cells, patients with non-hemolytic fever caused by repeated transfusion of white blood cells or platelet antibodies; patients preparing for organ transplantation; patients requiring repeated transfusion, such as aplastic anemia, leukemia, severe thalassemia, can start with the first transfusion. Selection of this product

Infusion of erythrocyte products with reduced white blood cells can avoid and reduce non-hemolytic fever reaction and pain of patients; avoid and reduce the occurrence of homologous immunity; avoid and reduce the transfusion transmission of leukophilic virus (such as CMV, HTLV-I/II); avoid and reduce the occurrence of graft-versus-host disease; avoid and reduce the immunosuppression caused by blood transfusion; avoid and reduce the occurrence of immunosuppression caused by increased dose of blood transfusion; avoid and reduce the occurrence of leukophilic virus (such as CMV, HTLV- Less occurrence of pulmonary microembolism, more importantly, can reduce the chance of pathogen infection, and even reduce mortality.

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