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Important Content About Leukocyte Removal Filter

Oct. 10, 2018

The Leukocyte Removal Filter has the following characteristics

1. Reliable and stable leukocyte-removing efficacy, WBC residuals average 2.5-5*10 5

2. Easy operation, rapid venting directly with blood and platelets, no need for saline venting and saline rinsing after transfusion

3. Maximum blood and platelet recovery rate, up to AABB standard

4. Unique Soft Housing Filters housing design maximizes filter area

Clinical research using filters

1 Effective removal of white blood cells can reduce platelet transfusion caused by allogeneic immunity, thus reducing platelet dosage

2 Efficient leukocyte filter can be equivalent to CMV serological test to prevent CMV infection caused by blood transfusion

3 can reduce the incidence of postoperative infection caused by blood transfusion

4. Can significantly reduce the incidence of adverse reactions caused by blood transfusion

Leukocyte Removal Filter

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