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Why Do We Need To Filter Out The White Blood Cells In The Blood?

Mar. 08, 2019

Leukodepletion Blood Filters play an important role in medical transfusion.

Here is a brief explanation of why blood filters white blood cells.First of all, to determine whether the blood must need to be filtered white blood cells.

Blood is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.As a safe and effective treatment, blood transfusion has been used in clinical practice for more than one hundred years.Modern medical research showed that blood china-africa therapeutic ingredients such as white blood cells is a kind of "contamination", it is more important to use Leukocyte Removal Filter remove white blood cells, the antibody of allogeneic transfusion can produce white blood cells, cause a series of side effects such as non hemolytic febrile transfusion reaction, such as platelet transfusion is invalid.At the same time, white blood cells are also carriers of some leukophilic viruses such as cytomegalovirus.Therefore, the removal of white blood cells from blood and its components plays an important role in transfusion safety and clinical treatment.

Leukodepletion Blood Filters

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