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Possible Adverse Reactions And Complications Of Blood Transfusion

Sep. 19, 2018

(1) fever or allergic reaction due to incompatibility of white blood cells and platelet antigens;

(2) Hemolysis reaction with blood group incompatibility;

(3) Serious reactions caused by contaminated blood;

(4) Acute heart failure that occurs when the amount of blood transfusion is too large or too fast to cause excessive cardiac load;

(5) citrate poisoning, bleeding tendency and hyperkalemia caused by massive blood transfusion;

(6) Infectious diseases, especially viral hepatitis, AIDS (AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), malaria, syphilis, etc.;

(7) Hemosiderin and secondary hemochromatosis after long-term blood transfusion;

(8) Air embolism, etc.

This shows that blood transfusion is not without danger. Before making a decision on blood transfusion, you must carefully consider whether there are clear indications and weigh the pros and cons. If you think you really need blood transfusion, pay attention to it technically and guard against possible dangers.

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