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Introduction To Leukocytion Blood Filter

Mar. 05, 2019

Clinical significance of Leukopetion Blood Filter

· Prevent allogeneic immune reactions from occurring

· Reduce the incidence of ineffective platelet transfusion

· Prevention of transfusion-associated cytomegalovirus infection

· Prevention of non-solution blood transfusion fever

· Reduce blood transfusion-related thrombocytopenia

· Reduce immune dysfunction caused by blood transfusion

· Reduce organ reperfusion injury

· Delay the occurrence of organ transplant rejection

· Enhance the effectiveness of malignant tumor treatment

Practical value of Leukocyte Filtration System 

· Reduce platelet usage

· Reduce the use of HLA-matched platelets

· Provide blood equivalent to cytomegalovirus test negative

· Reduce the workload of medical staff

· Cost savings

The blood filter has the following characteristics

1. Reliable and stable leukocyte-removing efficacy, WBC residuals average 2.5-5*10 5

2. Easy operation, rapid venting directly with blood and platelets, no need for saline venting and saline rinsing after transfusion

3. Maximum blood and platelet recovery rate, up to AABB standard

4. Unique round filter housing design maximizes filter area

Clinical research using filters

Leukopetion Blood Filter

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