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Reasons For High White Blood Cell Count

Nov. 29, 2018

Physiological leukocyte increase

1, fetal and newborn children white blood cells often at 10.0--20.0xl0 ^ 9 / L.

2, pregnant women more than 5 months of pregnancy, the total number of white blood cells often reach 10.5x10 ^ 9 / L or higher, late can reach 20.0x10 ^ 9 / L, childbirth can be further increased due to pain and birth injury, but if there is no concurrent Symptoms, gradually becoming normal after 2 weeks of postpartum.

3, intense exercise and labor can make white blood cells as high as 12.0x10^9/L, or even more than 20.0x10^9/L.

4, hot and cold, the total number of white blood cells often have a transient increase, quickly return to normal levels after rewarming.

Pathological leukocyte increase:

1, allergic reactions, such as blood transfusion reactions, drug allergy, acute allergic diseases.

2, certain bacterial infections caused by diseases, especially local inflammation caused by pyogenic cocci and systemic infections, such as: abscess, purulent meningitis, pneumonia, appendicitis, otitis media, tonsillitis, empyema, pyelitis, Salpingitis, cholecystitis and sepsis.

3. Diseases caused by certain viral infections, Japanese encephalitis, infectious mononucleosis, measles, etc.

4, severe tissue damage or necrosis, such as major surgery, burns, acute bleeding, severe trauma, vascular embolism.

5, poisoning reactions, such as various drug poisoning, pesticide poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, diabetic acidosis, pregnancy poisoning.

6, tumor and blood diseases, chronic myeloid leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia.

7, the application of certain white blood cells of the chemical drugs to promote white blood cells, more common in chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment due to the sharp decrease in the number of white blood cells, the need to as soon as possible to increase white blood cells for the next course of treatment. Taking certain drugs also has signs of high blood levels.

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