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What Are The Foods That Raise White Blood Cells?

Feb. 19, 2019

I believe everyone knows that white blood cells are very important to the health of our human body, but the number of white blood cells in some friends is very small, which is easy to cause many illnesses in the body, so we must understand some How to raise white blood cells, in fact, some foods in life have a very good role in raising white blood cells.

1. Because mushrooms contain polysaccharides, they contain very high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, and also contain a large amount of ergosterol and bacteriodol which can be converted into vitamin D, which has obvious curative effect on leukopenia, mainly improving the immunity of patients. In general, the family can use fresh mushrooms to cook or cook food. These dishes are not only very delicious, but also help us to play a very good role in raising white blood cells.

2, high-vitamin diet, such as yeast noodles, cereals, peanuts, green fresh vegetables, especially a citrus fruit, to supplement vitamin C, B and folic acid, which is due to vitamins to enhance human immunity It can increase the number of phage cells, strengthen the vitality of natural killer cells, promote the formation of white blood cells and participate in the capture of free radicals that destroy cells, and alleviate the symptoms of leukopenia.

3, red dates have the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing blood, and have a certain impact on platelets and white blood cells, can nourish blood, but also can improve the decline of immunity caused by leukopenia, to help us to increase the effect of white blood cells is also very good.

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