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Measures to prevent the plugging of hematology analyzer(part 2)

Apr. 25, 2019

(6)Platelet Filter Exporter shares that if finger blood is collected, take 10 l of finger blood and pour it into a dry anticoagulant tube for mixing immediately. After dissolving the anticoagulant, take the finger blood to the required amount. When collecting blood, the blood needle should be deep stabbed to ensure the smooth blood, not forced extrusion, in case mixed with tissue fluid, causing tiny blood coagulation wire. Also use finger blood faster. 

(7) blood samples should be examined immediately after being taken, and should not be placed for too long to avoid the formation of fibrin fine coagulation filaments. 

(8) when the finger blood is taken, fine toilet paper can be used to replace the absorbent cotton ball to wipe the hemoglobin micro straw, so as to reduce the fibrosis on the absorbent cotton ball into the specimen. 

(9) when finger blood is taken in winter, the temperature of the finger should be restored before blood collection. 

(10) in daily work, press the button of [Clear orifice] to start the circulation system, rinse each counting hole with high-pressure rotary fluid, and flush out the newly precipitated denatured protein. 

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(11) before the daily work, enzyme cleaning should be carried out. Through the [auto-clean] program, the enzyme washing liquid should be inhaled for automatic enzyme cleaning to ensure the smooth flow of all pipelines. This process is very important for the normal operation of the hematology analyzer. 

(12) during the work of the hematology analyzer, the operator shall closely observe the counting time of white blood cells and red blood cells. If the counting time on one or both sides is prolonged, it indicates that there are precipitated denaturalized proteins in the pipe, and incomplete hole blocking occurs, then press the [Clear orifice] key to wash them in time, and enzyme cleaning is required if necessary.

Through the above measures, it can effectively prevent the appearance of hematocrit analyzer, ensure the normal work of hematocrit analyzer, and ensure the accuracy of test results.

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