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What Should You Pay Attention To When Autologous Blood Is Returned?

Sep. 30, 2018

Autologous blood return contraindications:

1. Septicemia and blood have been contaminated. In the operation, the presence or absence of gastrointestinal injury, especially colonic injury, should be prohibited;

2, Patients with malignant tumors, blood may be mixed with cancer cells, generally prohibited to return;

3. Recover blood for more than the specified time. Such as open trauma (more than 4 hours) and severe heart, liver and kidney function.

Autologous blood returning attention:

1. Negative pressure suction should not be too high, generally not exceeding 6.5kPa to reduce the damage to RBC. When returning blood, the changes of blood pressure, pulse, body temperature and urine volume should be closely observed. When there is blood pressure change, fever, chills and other reactions, stop immediately; timely detection of Hb, HCT, RBC, 1 day and 1 week after transfusion, PLT, MAP, HR, PT, APTT and FBG. Sterility should be emphasized when returning blood to prevent contamination.

2. In order to prevent and reduce complications, 1000mL blood is returned every time during operation and after surgery, and 1g of normal calcium supplement and 60~80ml of sodium bicarbonate are added. After hemoglobinuria occurs, 5% sodium bicarbonate is added. Alienifies urine and uses 20 mg of furosemide to protect kidney function. The time from injury to autologous blood reinfusion is in principle within 24 hours. According to the literature, there is no obvious adverse reaction in autologous blood transfusion from 26 to 44 hours, but caution should be given for more than 48 hours. If the blood is dark red opaque, or penetrating wounds, open wounds, and those with chills, they should be banned.

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