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How To Deal With High Blood Viscosity?

Feb. 22, 2019

There are often some patients who take a medical report to consult: What is the blood viscosity?

In some hospitals, blood viscosity testing is a routine examination of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Some doctors believe that high blood viscosity is high blood lipids, blood vessels are easily blocked, and myocardial infarction is prone to occur. But in fact, because the inspection results are not accurate enough, blood viscosity has become a "junk indicator" and there is not much reference. There are currently no drugs that actually reduce blood viscosity. The Department of Cardiology of most famous hospitals around the world did not check the blood viscosity of this project.

Many years ago, the mechanism of thrombosis was still unclear. The concept of blood viscosity was explored from physics. The blood viscosity test itself is still flawed, and its measurement method is still not clear. Many indicators are not directly measured but calculated by formula, and the repeatability is poor, which is also affected by many factors. At the same time, the results of in vitro experiments are usually not fully reflected. The rheological properties of blood in the body can only be used as a clinical reference.

Now, people have already explained that the main causes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events are inflammation and hyperlipidemia. Under the influence of risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, and smoking obesity, arteriosclerosis, hardened plaque rupture, and platelets are caused. Gathered together to form a thrombus, leading to myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

Therefore, the indicators should be the level of blood lipids, routine blood coagulation, inflammation indicators, arteriosclerosis indicators, platelet activity. Instead of checking the blood viscosity index.

Prevention and treatment measures mainly include: smoking cessation, alcohol restriction, healthy diet, exercise strengthening, weight control, blood lipid regulation, anti-platelet, anti-arteriosclerosis, etc.

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