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Procedures for emergency patients using stored blood

Jun. 26, 2019

Procedures for emergency patients using stored blood shared by disposable leucocyte filter suppliers.

Emergency patients use blood: 

(1) the on-duty nurse calls the blood bank staff;

(2) blood bank personnel check with nurses on duty in the ward and collect blood cross specimens; 

(3) after strict cross matching, the blood bank personnel shall send the matching report to the ward, check with the on-duty nurse, and sign both copies;

(4) same as "transfusion for general patients" step 5 ~ 11;

(5) go through the relevant procedures after the rescue.

disposable leucocyte filter suppliers

Examination contents before transfusion:

(1) ALT, HBsAg, anti-hbs antibody, HBeAg, anti-hbe antibody, anti-hbc antibody, HCV, hiv1/2, syphilis;

(2) check 4 items including: name, age, bed number, hospital number;

(3) four orders: application form for clinical blood transfusion, application form for blood type examination, application form for cross matching blood, application form for complete examination before transfusion of the recipient;

(4) check the nine items: name, gender, age, hospitalization number, room, bed number, blood type, blood distribution report, blood.

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