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How Much White Blood Cell Value Is Low?

Feb. 15, 2019

In fact, when there are many people doing physical examinations, they will find a condition with low white blood cells, especially those with some diseases, but they don’t know much about such a problem. I don’t know what kind of situation is the white blood cell value. Low, the following is a detailed analysis for everyone, about the normal range of white blood cells in which range.

White blood cell value: The normal white blood cell value in the peripheral blood of adults is 4 to 10 × 109 / l, if less than 4 × 109 / l is low white blood cells.

The early symptoms of leukemia are not obvious. Typical symptoms are mainly manifested in the following: anemia and related symptoms such as: weakness, pale, and a sense of illness. Loss of appetite, weight loss, easy bruising or bleeding, such as: gum bleeding , nosebleeds. Extremely easy to reduce, more than 10 × 109 / l and for leukocytosis. Dyeing,

Such as scorpion pain, bronchitis with headache, low fever, mouth pain and rash, etc. Lymph nodes, especially in the throat, underarms and groin. Under the left flank, feeling unwell. When the condition is serious, sudden high fever, consciousness Turbid, unable to speak and move limbs.

Because we understand the normal value of white blood cells, we know how much is low, so that we can understand one's physical health, so I hope that everyone can pay attention to the common sense in life. In order to better protect your health.

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