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Causes Of Low White Blood Cells

Sep. 13, 2018

White blood cells, also known as white blood cells, play an important role in the human immune system. When white blood cells are low, the body's immunity is reduced and it is easy to get sick. Many people in the physical examination have a low white blood cell count. The reasons for the low white blood cells are listed below for reference.

First, the reason for low white blood cells:

1. Immune system diseases

Such as rheumatoid arthritis, etc., there will also be symptoms of low white blood cells, such as low white blood cells, can be intervened by drugs. The disease that causes us to have leukopenia is a blood system disease. For this disease, for example, it is giant cell anemia, and there is severe iron deficiency anemia. In addition, there is aplastic anemia. Both leukopenia and non-leukocytic leukemia can occur.

2, viral infection

Such as influenza, viral infections, etc., on the one hand should actively carry out antiviral treatment, and other aspects can take drugs to increase white blood cells as appropriate.

3, drugs

Taking some drugs can lead to the reduction of white blood cells in the body, such as injection of interferon, taking antipyretic analgesics, sulfa drugs. Especially when using interferon for treatment, it is necessary to check the condition of white blood cells and platelets.

Second, the low white blood cells need treatment?

White blood cells in the blood are patrols that the body defends against bacterial invasion. When a foreign body such as bacteria invades, the white blood cells enter the invaded part, enveloping, phagocytizing, and destroying the bacteria. Therefore, the white blood cells are called the "white guardian" of the human body. It can be seen that the decrease in the number of white blood cells will weaken the body's antibacterial ability and is susceptible to infection. However, leukopenia does not necessarily require treatment, one depends on the degree of reduction; the second depends on the cause of reduction.

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