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Different Ways Of Transfusion

Dec. 14, 2018

There are several different ways of transfusion:

1. Preservation of self-transfusion Blood is collected for several weeks before surgery for use during surgery, and it is also possible to collect its own blood components during certain disease remission periods for use when necessary. Applicable to: 1 patients with rare blood type blood matching, if you need to do selective surgery and need blood transfusion, medical education | Yu network collected and sorted 2 patients who have had a serious transfusion reaction; 3 prevention of infectious diseases due to blood transfusion.

2. Diluted self-transfusion Blood is taken at a certain time before the surgery begins. At the same time, the crystal or colloidal fluid is infused to dilute the blood, and the blood volume remains normal. What is lost in the surgery is the diluted blood, which is mainly plasma and diluent. When the surgical bleeding reaches a certain level, the fresh blood is returned.

3. In the operation, the blood transfusion is recovered, that is, the self-depleted blood is lost during the operation, and then returned after being treated.

Three kinds of self-transfusion methods have their own characteristics, which method is the best, depending on the specific circumstances of the patient, strict selection of indications, one case can choose two methods and use.

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